Smarter Ways To Spend Your Pastime

Smarter Ways To Spend Your Pastime

We all have hobbies and recreational activities that we spend hours and hours on. It is either productive or it can be wasteful at the same time. Reading literature, playing console games or being in the gym getting healthy and getting a sweat are to name a few that we usually do. Have you ever wondered what else can you do to optimize some or your spare time? Here are several other ways on to smartly spend your spare time and get a little smart along the way.

Tinker things inside your home

Let’s not try to go far in finding other way to spend your time wisely.  Find time to be more curious and learn more about your home. Ever wondered how your stove really works? Or where all the wires and the electricity runs in the house? Where they’re all connected? What is the limit of your fuse box? There are lots of specifications from your appliances that need attention. For example, a four socket lead extension cord can normally take up to 1500-2500 watts when all four slots are used that the same time. And if you’re in the kitchen, you may want to review the output your appliances put out.

Tinker things inside your homeA water kettle to is a usual helpful appliance used to heat drinking water, especially for coffee-lovers. This device already shoots a little over 1000 watts. This means if used along with an induction cooker, that has a capacity 1500-2000 watts,  at the same time in one extension socket, there is a higher risk that the socket may not function well and short-circuit. This could easily turn into home disaster if left unchecked.

Another useful way of taking time and being curious about your home to spend your time smarter is learning which gadgets and electric appliances consume the most energy and electricity. Switching from a conventional air-conditioning system to an inverter goes a long way. The inverter technology in air conditioning works like a compressor in a car. It adjusts its power depending when it needs more power. For this type of air-conditioning, the “compressor” is always on so it lowers down the energy it consumes. This adjusts depending on the room temperature.

These are only some ways of being smart around the house. By taking some of your spare time and learning the stuff in the house or home, you can lower energy consumption and prevent home disasters. Getting your family out of danger just because you were curious to check the things placed in your home is a great past time, don’t you think?

Write what’s on your mind

An exercise in elementary level students is great practice for this next tip. Writing a journal. Most people spend their free time nowadays by scrolling through the newsfeeds of social media sites, or streaming through videos on internet. But we often do not write ourselves. We tend to be the readers.

Write what’s on your mindDuring your free time, learn to write what’s on your mind. It unearth ideations, emotions and actionable items in your life or career that you may not always remember and want to relive. Journaling also helps you be more organized. You can write about the things you need to buy, your goals and your aspirations. It can turn into you go-to guide to being a better person, employee or family man/woman.

Writing your thoughts as an activity during your free time can help your mental health. It is a strong outlet for depression and anger or happiness with the purpose continuing to be happy. Putting a journal down is a great pastime to also achieve goals in careers. This is great habits of most CEOs, write your goal, how you’re going to get there, specific action items, what you need and your timetable. Following your journal keeps you honest to where you want to be in life.

The most interesting about journals is that it can be used to create a better you. Document all your positive and your opportunities for improvement. The challenge of being better is the part to learn about your mistakes and shortcomings. Putting them down in writing makes your remember it and gives you the perspective that you have to act on it.

This is a great alternative on spending your weekends just starting that other people stories on social media. Just focus on yourself and to be better. Writing a journal is an awesome way to let time pass by.

Regulate your breathing patterns

Regulate your breathing patternsFive minutes of silence, steadiness and optimal breathing can go a long way to help your mind relax and destress. Meditation is not only for the purpose of focusing your mind and increases your concentration levels, it is also to take some time of stress, anxiety and irregular breathing pattern.

Most of our time is spent on working, studying, physical exercise. Meditating helps you to reset your disrupted nerves from all these potentially harmful activities. Find a good spot to be alone, sit and keep your back straight, chin at the right angle and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, slowly, maintain a good rhythm. Clear your mind and take five minutes of silence. Feeling your nerves normalizing and calming down.

There are lots of ways on how to meditate to past time, but when get more in to it, and it starts becoming a habit, you would be able to increase its bouts in your day. And it is very rewarding. Teaches you patience, focus and a healthy dose oxygen which is much needed by your worked up body. Some do it to release stress, some do it to reset themselves and some do it to psyche themselves to prepare for the task at hand.

There are a lot of good benefits in meditating and if you have some spare time, this is a fantastic way to use it.

Learn a new language

Ogenkidesuka, come va, cómo estás, three ways of saying how are you, and this is Japanese, Italian, and in Spanish. It’s fun, it’s so much fun to learn a new language! Learning about culture, its differences and its intricacies is super exciting and a very smart way to use up free time.

learn new languageBy learning a new language you are able to connect to more people that your usual network. There are lots of advantages being able to speak multiple languages. You’re able to have an advantage in your career, travel and in even in dating.

Dr. Jose Rizal is a Philippine hero, who in his time was able to learn 22 different languages and has enabled him to find success in other countries like Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and Macao. Business today also have taken time to equip themselves to connect to Chinese and Japanese partners.

Using this as an alternative to reading and browsing on the internet is one thing but it does take time to be proficient at speaking the language desired. You’ll need to dedicate a good chunk of your day to practice, memorize and comprend it.

The Bottom Line

Find activities where you are most inspired about. Find the ones that trigger your focus and attention. Most of us repeat to ourselves that we don’t have time to learn new things, pick up a book, go to church, get to know your neighbor but looking at your phone analytics will find you on social media sites five to six hours a day.

Not because these are the times we need to just sit and take break is that we can’t be smart about it.

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