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Obesity Reaches Alarming Rates

Obesity is a growing problem in England. Many adults are obese, and the roots stem from unhealthy childhoods. Children are progressively getting fatter as they age. Twenty percent of children are overweight or obese, but the rate rises to 35 percent as they reach year six.

A Prevalent Problem

The obesity epidemic is all-encompassing. Almost every region is beset with childhood obesity. While weight gain in children is easily reversible because of their faster metabolism, their changing lifestyle and culture have made it more challenging to live a healthy life. Weight gain, which was maligned and deemed unhealthy in the past, is now accepted and even glorified. Political correctness is endangering people. While inclusivity and acceptance are essential, glamorizing obesity while ignoring the danger it poses to one’s health is very problematic.

The Dangers of Obesity

Obesity factors in as many as 30,000 deaths each year. It is one of the leading causes of preventable death next only to tobacco, and it is projected to take the lead in a few more years. Complications and conditions attributed to obesity will shorten one’s lifespan by an average of 9 years, preventing most obese individuals from reaching retirement age. Obesity increases your risk of developing cancer, especially colon cancer (3 times the average rate). Increased body mass makes it harder for blood to flow through the arteries, and cholesterol build-up can cause plaque within the arterial walls.

Heart attacks and strokes are more prevalent in obese individuals — even those with no background of heart problems. The rise in the number of Type II Diabetes cases is also attributed to obesity. Unlike other conditions associated with weight gain, diabetes is taken more seriously. The condition requires drastic lifestyle changes, and insulin doesn’t come in the form of a pill you can take with a glass of water.

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Keep the Weight Off

A healthy diet is still the best way to avoid obesity. The prevalence of fast food and sugary snacks have made diets more unhealthy over the past decades. The most deprived parts of Bromley are also the most obese because of fast food outlets. Eating a healthy diet requires choosing what type of food to eat, preferably preparing it at home. Cut down on calories by limiting your grains and bread while increasing your protein intake.

Exercise is another way to keep the weight off. It doesn’t matter whether it’s regular daily exercises or just weekend sporting activities — anything that gets you and your children off the couch increases your chance of controlling your weight. Individual activities like running, swimming, or going to the gym can be quite practical but not as effective as participating in a regular team sport. Join a football club, a cricket team, or play some hoops with a friend; the social aspects of the game and the competition will motivate you to continue coming back.

Obesity doesn’t just impact health. It also affects the quality of life, social interactions, and emotional well being. Keep yourself and your kids healthy by eating healthy and staying off the couch.

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