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No Gym Fitness: How to Stay Active and Healthy Under Quarantine

Sports and fitness change with time. Decades ago, it was enough to just watch a game from a stadium for the sheer fun of it. Nowadays, everything in sports needs to have “stats”. Statistics rule the game as much as the players themselves. Everything is measured in the athlete’s body and performance.

For boxers and mixed martial artists, their body weight and striking efficiency were crucial metrics to know especially in a championship bout. In basketball, shots scored and rebounds are only two in a long list of acts routinely monitored in every game. In baseball, aside from home runs, pitch speed is so important that they use a professional baseball radar gun to accurately measure the ball’s velocity.

For high platform diving, the ascent, crispness of acrobatic movements, and the actual entry into the water are all scrutinized by judges. While in bodybuilding, factors such as nutrition, sleep, and body fat ratio are also critical to a competitor’s success as much as the number of reps and sets that one lifts in the gym.

But sports and fitness need not be too complex or difficult. While it does require the highest levels of discipline and work ethic to compete at the highest levels, the average person wants one thing above all: to enjoy the game and feel better after each exercise session. So how does one stay fit and have fun when the COVID 19 pandemic has forced millions of people to stay indoors? There are actually many ways to be healthy and happy even in lockdown.

Here are some suggestions on “No Gym Fitness” and other hacks to stay strong and vibrant even while staying inside your home:

Body Weight Training

Bodyweight training is one of the best options for exercise, both for the novice and the experienced athlete. Using only one’s body weight, a person can do a series of calisthenic movements such as squats, sit-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, and push-ups.

Training using one’s own weight is advisable because it significantly lessens the risk of over training and injuries. Using dead weight like heavy dumb bells and barbells makes one more susceptible to injuries and over training, if not properly supervised or taught to use safe, correct movements.

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Follow-along Exercise Videos

Using Youtube, once can easily find follow-along exercise videos that range from basic yoga to Tai Chi. One only needs to determine one’s fitness level and choose an appropriate video to follow. The only drawback to this DIY video exercise is that it relies on one’s own motivation or will to exercise. Most likely, a person will have to watch and follow the movements on video without any other human interaction. In short, it is one-way and no communication exists between the person doing the exercise, and obviously, the one leading the session via the uploaded video.

Zumba on Zoom

A more enjoyable option is to look for friends who also like Zumba or any other dance-based exercise routine. Create a meeting on Zoom and agree to exercise together live and online. This should be one of the most enjoyable options available to people at home.

Online Coaching

For those with the budget for it, there are now many gyms ad fitness instructors who offer live, real-time instruction via internet-based video conferencing tools like Face Time, Zoom, or even Messenger. This is a good option for those who can set aside a little amount for personal training. This is a good option since the session would be guided by a qualified, trained fitness coach. It is also more motivating when there is an instructor who watches your every move, says the right words to push you to do more, and the technical knowledge to teach the right and safe movements for exercise.

Run and Walk Your Way to Health

For those who live in areas with less restrictions, going to the park to run or walk several laps is always great workout option. It is free, allows one to enjoy the outdoors, while getting access to sunlight and fresh air. However, one must still practice physical distancing, wear a mask, and follow other public health protocols.

For those living in a condo, ask the building administrator if you could use the emergency stairway for exercise. Slowly walking up a 10 or 20-storey building is an excellent workout. Once enough strength and cardio are built up, try running up and down the stairs.

Whether once fancies the use of equipment or prefers using just the body to exercise, the important thing is to enjoy every movement or motion. Maintaining one’s health is not just about training the body. It is also important to have a good disposition, making sure to include mental and emotional health in one’s fitness and health goals.

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