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Guide to Surfing in Lake Michigan

The Great Lakes are definitely a natural wonder and for the locals who reside around the lakes, they have the benefit of having one of the best vacation spots in the world. You have the privilege of enjoying activities that you would normally do at the ocean, but in Lake Michigan, you can also relish that without the saltwater sting; just the relative safety of lakes.

Lake Michigan is one of the larger lakes and has built a reputation as a surfing and fishing spot. The people have taken the initiative and opened up fishing, surfing, and hunting shops in Michigan and other areas around the lake. They also give advice on surfing and fishing on their prized natural tourist spot.

Best Surfing Spots in Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, in general, is already called the “third coast” because it seems like the U.S. and Canada has an extra sea right in the middle of their territories. This body of water is a gift that keeps on giving for its citizens, and now even Chicago can become a surfing spot just as much as Hawaii, California, or Miami.

For surfing, it really is about the location. That said, we need to identify the best surfing spots surrounding Lake Michigan.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Wisconsin will not be the first place you think of when you mention surfing. Unknown to many, Sheboygan, Wisconsin actually has a surfing event running for over two decades already. There is already a surf culture in this coastal city, specifically form August to April, which includes the cold season. Sheboygan is already the “Malibu of the Midwest” since it has five miles of beach where anyone can grab a board and jump.

Whiting, Indiana

Right at the southernmost shore of Lake Michigan, Whiting, Indiana has established itself as the best surfing spot near the Windy City. This venue is for the daring surfer because the best waves happen when there are storms that create enough wind power to make great waves.

Safety Tips for Surfing the Great Lakes

Surfing the lakes is different from surfing the oceans. The great waves of the Pacific are present almost all year round, so you can visit them in the summer. However, for the Great Lakes, there is a different dynamic because they do not have large waves in the moderate season.

Check the Weather Reports

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Authorities will always advise you to check the weather report for any activity in the Great Lakes, especially for Michigan because it is the most temperate and active. The weather is shifty and any sign of a storm would be risky for any surfer or for those who want to travel by boat, like the pontoon boats that ply the lake.

Comply with the Proper Equipment

Again, there is a difference between the islands in the ocean and the coastlines of the lakes. This will be reflected in the surfer’s outfits. Surfers in the lakes need wetsuits since they also surf in the cold season. They also need hoods, gloves, and booties to take on the low temperatures.

The surfing scene in the Great Lakes, specifically in Lake Michigan, is one of the reasons residents of Michigan, Indiana, and other states really treasure this distinguished body of water. They need to make adjustments and precautions, but the lake offers the same thrill as the coastal beaches.

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