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Finding the Right Skiing Gear

So you finally get to go on your first skiing trip. And as the date comes closer, you find yourself watching YouTube videos. But before you contemplate on how awesome your vertical backflip would look like on Instagram, let’s take a look at what things you would need to start making snow trails.


Base and mid layers are clothing you wear under your pants and jacket. While thick insulated jackets keep you warm on extreme cold, base layers do precisely the same and are as important. While your clothing keeps you warm, they can also bake you up if you are exerting too much movement as your body heat builds up. Choose base layers that are made of wool and avoid cotton since they are not waterproof or breathable. In some cases, you might also need a mid layer that goes in between for added comfort and protection.


You might also find yourself spending hours looking at jackets to buy. Professionals prefer buying shell jackets instead of purely insulated jackets. Traditional ski jackets are protected to keep you warm, and again it can be very uncomfortable after you started exerting too much activity. Shell jackets are durable, thin, breathable, and most importantly, waterproof.

Most people are conscious of colors for that perfect selfie, but fashion comes in second when it comes to safety. When shopping online, you might find that most ski jackets have bright colors. The price range can depend on different functionalities, and the more you pay, the longer they last. Some more expensive brands offer more durability in terms of materials, while brands like Obermayer offer more affordable ski jackets.


Keeping your hands dry with mittens or gloves comes naturally. Since you will be out in the snow, it’s essential to find a pair that is waterproof, one that can keep you from losing your grip on the ski poles. A good pair of ski socks can keep your feet dry and warm. Again, choose a pair made with wool or synthetic materials for best comfort.


You also need a good bag to make sure you bring everything you need out there when you hit the slopes. An excellent backpack can help secure your things like your gadgets, as well as things for your protection like lip balm, sunscreen, and medical kits.


If this would be the first time for you to ski, make sure to listen and follow your instructor and understand the orientation videos. Resort rental staff knows what you will need, and they will help you choose these gears appropriately and will help you secure the bindings securely and comfortably. If you found this to be such an enjoyable recreation and decided to invest in this hobby, you might want to consider getting your own set of gears in the future.


Safety comes first, and you might need some time to be that guy you saw on YouTube doing vertical flips wearing only a beanie. You might find a helmet to rent out at the resort, but it would be best to have your own, and the same goes for goggles. Technically, some helmets are offered with goggles, and it would be an awkward scenario when you have one of the other and trying to find a fit. You might want to verify the offered rental gears with the resort beforehand, or take no risk and secure a pair to make sure you are comfortable with them.


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If possible, make sure to consider getting your shoes even if it’s your first time to ski. Boots need to be secured and snug for your feet, and this will affect the overall ski enjoyment.

After you have considered these items and decided whether to buy or rent, then you are ready to take your first glide. Make sure to always put your safety first before anything else and choose the right gear.

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