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Don’t Forget These Essential Items When Going on a Winter Holiday

One major ill effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on peoples’ mental health was called cabin fever, which is the result of being confined in one spot for an extended period. This is particularly the case during the height of the pandemic when cases number several thousand almost every single day. By taking a vacation after such a troubling year, one can keep sanity intact and maintain great physical and mental health amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And what better way to cool things off than to literally spend a well-deserved winter holiday?

As it is essentially winter season now in the U.S., it would be great to take your loved ones with you on a weekend or week-long holiday in one of the top winter destinations in the country. Whether you prefer the vast Alaskan wilderness or want to visit Oregon’s Seven Wonders, a winter holiday will surely leave you breathless and refreshed after a very tough year. But before you pack your bags and head out to your chosen destination, be sure to first prepare these six winter holiday essentials to make your trip safe and comfortable:


  1. Thermal clothing. It’s critical to have proper winter clothing when embarking on a winter holiday vacation. You should pack several sets of thermal clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable, as well as safe. These should include thermal underwear and jackets since they help retain body heat to keep you warm and cozy even when it’s crazy cold outdoors.
  2. Ski clothing and PPG. If you’re going to have some fun at a ski resort, then having the right ski clothing and personal protective gear (PPG) are a must for you to maintain comfort and safety. You should bring some trendy Bogner Tela ski pants, goggles, beanies, down jackets, socks, scarves, and boots. Depending on your preference, you might have to pack around three layers of clothing for a single ski trip. So be sure to factor in how many times you’d actually ski and pack as many sets of ski clothing appropriately.
  3. Thermos flasks and heat packs. It’s important to have warm beverages and heat packs to maintain your core body temperature in sub-zero weather. As such, be sure to bring with you some heat packs and thermos flasks so you can drink warm coffee or milk and have something in your body to help keep you warm and comfy from the inside of your clothing.
  4. Medicines and first aid kits. Simple accidents and medical needs could happen while you’re out vacationing during the winter. As you might be in a place where medicines and first aid kits are not readily available, be sure to have them with you. Don’t forget to have over-the-counter medicines for common colds, headaches, diarrhea, and the like, as well as maintenance meds if someone with you has to take them daily. There are off-the-shelf first aid kits that you can buy from the local convenience store or supermarket, so getting one should be a breeze.
  5. Power banks and an extra mobile phones. When embarking on a winter holiday, you should maintain constant communication with your loved ones and other important people, especially during emergencies when contacting rescuers or relatives is time-sensitive. With this in mind, make sure to bring with you large-capacity power banks and an extra mobile phone just for good measure.
  6. Action cameras. Keeping tabs on your daily adventures would be easy if you have action cameras with you. These days, there are plenty of great-quality action cameras in the market that you may choose from so you can document all your winter holiday adventures.

With these essentials properly packed, you’ll be good to go on your epic winter holiday vacation.

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